Praise for Barash Mediation

This was a great time for me to join this workshop, as I have come to realize that as an administrator dealing with conflict I have to be a good mediator and time to manage conflict.
-school administrator from conference of International Schools, Bangkok, Thailand-

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the diligent effort and hard work of Ms. Barash in bringing both sides together to formulate a settlement in this matter. Her skillful efforts brought this case to successful resolution. Thank you for assigning her to this case.
-attorney representing a client in an employment discrimination case-

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Phoebe Barash of Barash Mediation services specializes in mediation, dispute resolution, work in schools, workplace conflict  and conflict management trainings.

Phoebe Barash has a wide range of experience with families, organizations and schools.  In her work as a school administrator for more than four  decades, Phoebe came to appreciate how important it is to create environments where both children and adults are able resolve conflict in ways that resonate both personal responsibility and the importance of community. With that background, Phoebe began her work in 2001 as a Mediator.

Conflict is a fact of life.  It is everywhere and we manage conflict in our lives on a daily basis.  The challenge is how to manage that conflict when it rises  to a level that   creates misunderstanding, hard feelings and the challenge to do what needs to be done.

Phoebe has helped families, schools and  workplaces to successfully work together on things that matter to them.   When in a conflict, it is hard to hear what the other person has to say, what matters to them.  When in conflict we hold tightly to what matters to us.  Through mediation and conflict management services, Phoebe can help you to develop the skills to work together, sort through difficult issues, preserve relationships, and create solutions that help you to feel settled and ready to move ahead in whatever the circumstances were that brought you to a place of wanting some assistance.


  • is a way to reduce conflict
  • focuses on solutions not blame
  • is voluntary
  • is a way for people to share what is most important to them
  • allows people to come to their own solutions to the conflict


  • is a trained professional
  • is impartial
  • is experienced with people in conflict
  • provides a safe setting and structure where people can share their concerns and listen to the concerns of others
  • assists people in arriving at an agreement that is acceptable to all


  • business
  • workplace disputes
  • family (divorce, eldercare, parent/child issues)
  • community
  • school