Praise for Barash Mediation

This was a great time for me to join this workshop, as I have come to realize that as an administrator dealing with conflict I have to be a good mediator and time to manage conflict.
-school administrator from conference of International Schools, Bangkok, Thailand-

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the diligent effort and hard work of Ms. Barash in bringing both sides together to formulate a settlement in this matter. Her skillful efforts brought this case to successful resolution. Thank you for assigning her to this case.
-attorney representing a client in an employment discrimination case-

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Mediation is an effective method for addressing a variety of workplace-related conflicts.  To arrive at the decision to attend mediation for a workplace conflict may be a very difficult decision.  However, once you have made the decision, you have taken the first step to building understanding and the possibility of resolution.  During mediation you will find that Phoebe helps you to:


  • Develop an understanding of the culture and the context of the conflict.
  • Listen with your heart
  • acknowledge emotions (yours and others)
  • search beneath what is said for what matters
  • separate what matters from what is in the way
  • learn from difficult behaviors
  • solve problems creatively and negotiate collaboratively
  • build agreements that help you to move forward in a way that makes sense in your setting and in your relationship with other participants

Facilitation is another effective method for addressing group settings where there may be challenges related to productivity, relationships or a myriad of other pressures facing employees and management.


  • is a process
  • is a way for groups to come to decisions
  • is problem solving with a neutral person

As Facilitator you will find that Phoebe:

  • is skilled in group dynamics and group processes.
  • is neutral.
  • understands problem solving.
  • provides a safe setting and structure where people can share their concerns and listen to the concerns of others.

Trainings are another way that Phoebe can work with your organization.  Trainings can be designed with the unique needs of each organization as the context by which any design is created.