Praise for Barash Mediation

This was a great time for me to join this workshop, as I have come to realize that as an administrator dealing with conflict I have to be a good mediator and time to manage conflict.
-school administrator from conference of International Schools, Bangkok, Thailand-

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the diligent effort and hard work of Ms. Barash in bringing both sides together to formulate a settlement in this matter. Her skillful efforts brought this case to successful resolution. Thank you for assigning her to this case.
-attorney representing a client in an employment discrimination case-

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Parenting Consultation

At times already divorced or separated parents find themselves in a conflict about their parenting plans.  Children need both parents to be integral parts of their lives.  To that end, Phoebe offers the service of Parenting Consultation.

What is Parenting Consultation?

Parents begin with the intention that to enter into Parenting Consultation is to do it in a manner that keeps the children out of the adult conflict.

Parenting Consultation begins with an Appointment Contract typically drawn up between the client’s attorneys stating that Phoebe Barash will assist resolving differences arising around parent child contact and associated issues.

The scope of Parenting Consultation is detailed in the Appointment Contract.

Parenting Consultation is a child-centered Alternative Dispute Resolution process in which Phoebe Barash helps parents to devise parenting plans by facilitating parental disputes in a timely manner, guiding parents in understanding their children’s needs and assisting parents in making decisions within the scope of the Appointment Contract.

How does it work?

Phoebe may meet with the parents together and/or separately.

Phoebe will meet with others as identified by the parties as having knowledge of their children, their children’s needs and temperaments.

This may include meeting with the children.

This may include meeting with but is not limited to:

Teachers, therapists, guidance counselors, clergy, caregivers

Once Phoebe has met with the identified people, then she will work with the parties to establish a parent child contact plan.

If the parties do not agree on the plan, then Phoebe will write a report and make recommendations based on her findings.

The parties may agree at the beginning of the process that Phoebe’s report and recommendations are admissible in court.


At the beginning of the process the clients may agree that Phoebe’s recommendations will be considered binding.   These recommendations can then become part of an agreement between the parties.  If the parties agree on the plan, then it can become part of a final stipulation.