Praise for Barash Mediation

This was a great time for me to join this workshop, as I have come to realize that as an administrator dealing with conflict I have to be a good mediator and time to manage conflict.
-school administrator from conference of International Schools, Bangkok, Thailand-

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the diligent effort and hard work of Ms. Barash in bringing both sides together to formulate a settlement in this matter. Her skillful efforts brought this case to successful resolution. Thank you for assigning her to this case.
-attorney representing a client in an employment discrimination case-

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Through over three decades of work in schools, Phoebe has a unique window into what is important in the lives of teachers, parents, children and administrators.  Since beginning her Mediation business in 2001, Phoebe has worked with over 40 schools in Vermont and has done trainings in Vermont, New England and for the East Asia Regional Conference of Schools (EARCOS).  Through her own experience in schools and then most recently in doing trainings with schools, she has a deep understanding of the pressures faced by school staffs.  Pressures around assessment, NCLB, RTI, NECAP, Common Core can stress a school’s ability to have the most productive conversations.  Schools strive to be safe, engaging, interactive, welcoming while promoting academic excellence.  Phoebe begins her work with a school by helping the school identify what their strengths and unique needs are.  Phoebe has worked with schools in the following areas:

  • Creating teams
  • Strengthening existing teams
  • Meeting facilitation
  • IEP team facilitation
  • Enhancing Professional Learning Communities
  • Helping teachers to be a helpful ‘Critical Friend’
  • How to have those tough conversations
  • How to help people get beyond their blind spots


Once Phoebe and the school have identified what the needs are, then she and the school work together to determine if what is needed is:

  • Mediation  (see Homepage for detailed description of mediation)
  • Facilitation (see description under Workplace)
  • Trainings  (see description under workplace)

OR a combination of all of the above.